NDIS Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide

We are proud to work with NDIS participants throughout Adelaide to deliver exceptional NDIS carpet cleaning services tailored to their needs.


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Considerate carpet cleaning for sensitive homes.

For many, a clean carpet isn’t a luxury, but one of many essential steps to maintaining a healthy home environment. At Refresh Carpet Care, we’re proud of our experience in delivering compassionate carpet cleaning services to NDIS participants. Our team of expert technicians have state-of-the-art equipment and we are well-trained in working in sensitive environments. We are able to deliver cleaning services that are tailored to your unique needs, schedule, and budget. For carpets that smell, feel, and look clean and sanitised, you can trust Refresh Carpet Care.

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Why Refresh Carpet Care?

Rapid drying times of approximately three hours.

Police-checked and fully insured team of technicians.

Vans all around Adelaide for flexible and efficient services.

Friendly service delivered by trained professionals.

Non-toxic and safe for children, pets and families.

Efficient cleaning methods designed to save water.

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The service I received from Refresh Carpet Care was A1 Quality I couldn’t have asked any better, all I can say is job well done.

Fabrice D (Andrews Farm, Adelaide)

Say goodbye to dirt, allergens, and odours. Discover a cleaner, healthier home.

Are you looking for a local NDIS cleaning service provider you can trust? At Refresh Carpet Care, we pride ourselves on effective communication and understanding our client’s individual circumstances so that we can provide the best possible service.

We can help you meet your NDIS cleaning needs.

Carpet cleaning should never be a stressful procedure. The Refresh Carpet Care team ensures that we work around your schedule with a truly customised service that accounts for your exact needs. We can help you maintain a hygienic indoor environment that doesn’t feel like a hassle.

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Facing a carpet calamity? We're here to help.

Safe and effective carpets cleaning services are only a phone call away with Refresh Carpet Care. Don’t hesitate to invest in the health of your carpets today.

Carpet Transformations

A picture is worth a thousand words. See why we’re the best carpet cleaners Adelaide can offer.

Why carpet cleaning is essential.

Having your home vacuumed regularly is a great step to keeping your floors clean and your indoor air fresh. However, even the most ardent weekend cleaning blitz won’t be able to completely eliminate the dust, dirt, and allergens that find refuge in the fibres of your carpet. Our NDIS carpet cleaning services can help maintain a healthy environment, stopping harmful bacteria, mould spores and odours in their tracks.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a potent solution for maintaining fresh and fluffy carpets. A combination of hot water, potent cleaning solutions, and high-powered extraction, steam cleaning has truly earned its reputation as a powerful method for removing entrenched dirt, dissolving tough stains, and turning unwanted odours into fresh, healthy indoor air. This method is best for those carpets which have been neglected for many years and need to be restored.

Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is a commonly sought-after service by those that don’t want to deal with prolonged drying times or just need a general freshen-up of their carpets. Our Dry Cleaning method combines Advanced Cleaning products with specialized equipment to clean the carpet fibres leaving them soft, sanitised and fresh.

Agile cleaning services designed to suit all businesses.

Refresh Carpet Care doesn’t just offer carpet cleaning services- we also provide upholstery, mattress, tile and grout cleaning to ensure your commercial property remains well-maintained from the bottom up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet drying is an essential part of the cleaning process and can take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours, depending on the weather conditions and ventilation. If your carpet fibre is dense or long, it may take longer to dry, as will areas with a heavier soil concentration. Switching on your heating system during cooler weather is highly recommended to speed up the drying time and get the best result possible. This will help circulate air and remove moisture from the air faster. The technician completing the job should be able to give you a more accurate estimate after it's finished.

Yes, we can directly invoice any plan manager. Over the last 7 years, we have dealt with almost all plan managers in Adelaide. We are proud of our strong partnerships within the NDIS and are confident that we can deliver exceptional service.

Of course! Our friendly team is fully equipped, trained and certified to handle all kinds of body fluid spills. In fact, Urine and blood spills are one of the most common forms of stains that we handle on a regular basis.

We go around heavy and delicate furniture items that are hardly ever moved and ask that you move smaller items, such as lamps, dining chairs, office chairs, magazine racks, etc. We can assist you with lounge suites, armchairs and coffee tables, sliding them as we go. If you want us to cover from wall to wall, please clear the area before our arrival.

We have a wide range of machines at our disposal, which means that we can select an option that functions at a lower volume. This helps us ensure that all our clients can feel comfortable while having their carpets refreshed.

The earlier, the better! We receive many booking requests by phone and online. Therefore, to secure a day and time that best suits your needs, call us at least three days before your booking date. However, this can extend to a week or more during peak times.

No. We are sometimes left alone to do the job while the client goes out. Some customers pay us in advance and leave us in charge of locking the house when we leave. Others leave the keys under the mat for us to access the house. Although this can be arranged, we cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise from this before our arrival or after our departure.

You can walk on the carpet immediately after the job has been performed, even if the carpet is still not totally dry. Please ensure your shoes or bare feet are clean to avoid leaving footprints.

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